Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hamzah's Current Milestone

salam sayang buat anak ummi,Hamzah :)

It's been a while since last ummi update tentang Hamzah. Musim raya ni our life's still busy as always kan sayang? Never a day goes by in the past 1 year 4 months 2 weeks 3 days ummi lahirkan Hamzah and ummi will want to miss chances in waking up to see your smiling face,my son. Hamzah sentiasa eager nak bangun start your day with new things to learn about what life is about.Alhamdulillah,ummi bersyukur sentiasa Hamzah going through phases of growing up well on your way.Ummi doakan mohon Allah SWT lindung Hamzah sentiasa while you're growing up. There is so much for you to look forward to in life,ummi hope you'll be well ready as time comes.

There will be days we face with gloomy feelings,the downs about our life, tapi rest assured other days Allah will replace us with sunny smiles and happy times ahead. We will make the best of what life can offer us always ok sayang?What's important for Hamzah is to be a good person, a soleh son and well educated spiritually and on knowledge throughout your life. One of the usual conversations Ummi will have with bestfriends Ummi about Hamzah is like how most typical mothers would say.. friends will ask..."How is your son like?" and Ummi will say "He's a happy bubbly baby,a good son insyaAllah.Ummi just can't wait to see him growing up well and smart,go to school,finish degree and Masters,find a wife and get married!" ;) Hehe that's just how Ummi is,i love to vision far ahead about you Hamzah.InsyaAllah,semoga dgn niat doa and usaha Ummi to be a responsibled mother for my son,Allah SWT will guide and help ummi all the way through. Eventhough I've heard the saying in Islam, "anak boleh di ibaratkan sebahagian daripada perhiasan hidup kita" but nevertheless,anak juga tetap anugerah and amanah dari Allah untuk Ummi therefore before you reach your adulthood independence,Ummi will assist you grow up along the way.Once you are a grown up son,insyaAllah Ummi will learn to let you go bit by bit.Or else Hamzah will end up jadi "anak ummi/mak" forever and personally,Ummi wouldn't be proud of myself and for Hamzah if you turn up to be like that ;)

Updates on Hamzah yang Ummi observe lately,
  • Mulut Hamzah makin riuh! You're trying hard to communicate with people. Still susah nak pick up most of the words you used tapi insyaAllah you'll improve more as you grow
  • Concentration on your skills to play with your toys is getting better so Ummi rasa you're improving on your critical thinking ability. You're able to stack up your toy stacks accordingly, put specific shape blocks according to its own respective slots of your toy box,etc
  • Gigi geraham makin banyak tumbuh,love your pearly white smiles always. Selera makan makin variety,sesekali Ummi let Hamzah rasa sikit2 makanan pedas but very-very mild pedas more like sambal2 cili tomato hujung2 sudu je gaul with rice,mee with kuah kari.You seem to like to eat eventhough berjelir jugak lidah.You like pancakes too and full fat chocolate milk
  • Mula tunjuk perasaan merajuk marah nak merayu if nakkan sesuatu.Aiseh ini sometimes Ummi give in sometimes tak and Ummi must show I can be strict to you. At times if Ummi saje lambat bagi,Hamzah mesti nangis marah sampai terbaring-baring atas carpet tapi tak lama you'll calm down when Ummi distract you with something else. All part of toddlerhood for you sayang (wait until you reach teenager period, fuh time tu sure lagi mencabar Ummi nak maintain my role to didik Hamzah).Hopefully,you'll learn to outgrow this phase haha
  • Suka main remote control car,walaupun skill tak mahir lagi tapi either Hamzah nak main sendiri using the controller or you want Ummi to do it for you
There's always stories to tell of you Hamzah and insyaAllah i'll try to find other time to update.I've got to get back to final year project work Ummi now while you are playing with your car. Ummi sayang Hamzah always,my son. Eventhough I am a new ummi with little experience tapi insyaAllah, i will never give up my role and responsibility with Allah's guidance and will on you and my only hope Hamzah,is for you to be a soleh son :)