Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy 19 months old Hamzah!

salam sayang buat anak ummi,hamzah cayang2 budak2 baik :)

Hamzah just turned 19 months 2 days ago.Intially ummi plan ingat nak make a special entry to mark your monthly birthdate tapi tak kesampaian jugak hajat ummi.Too much stuff on my mind with exam preparation and stress over other matters usually buat ummi rasa lack of time and focus to blog.However bear in mind Hamzah memang sentiasa dalam ingatan and hati ummi when we are together and when i am out attending lectures.
Everytime ummi renung Hamzah,selalu terdetik dalam hati ummi how much i feel blessed for having you in my life.Eventhough ummi still new at parenting and being a mom tapi i'm very much glad up until this day Allah has blessed me with more strength to bear this responsibilities inspite of the ups and downs we face in our life. Ummi selalu terkenang ingatkan jugak those moments i spent with you Hamzah when you were still in ummi's tummy..
Each time when ummi feel very sad and down,menangis sorang-sorang so ummi will usap2 my baby bump while imagining tengah usap2 Hamzah and whispered to you that Allah has known and planned with me carrying you it is meant for Hamzah to keep ummi company and by my side,ceriakan hidup ummi sentiasa through happy times and bad times.Ummi as well am to keep you company and do best to raise you up well insyaAllah.
Thank you Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity.
Ummi sayang Hamzah and sentiasa doakan Hamzah menjadi anak yang baik.soleh and setia pada ummi insyaAllah.Semoga Allah SWT makbulkan doa ummi sentiasa untuk mahukan segala yang terbaik untuk Hamzah