Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hamzah at 18 months old

salam sayang buat anak ummi, Hamzah budak2 baik budak2 sweet :)

Happy 18 months old Hamzah cayang!Hamzah makin big boy,makin pandai and makin tinggi :) Ramai yang comment gitu especially about your height which baffles ummi sometimes since I am not tall ;)

Right now you are asleep and ummi hope soundly without interruption and discomfort tonight.Ummi had a whole day of worrying over you eversince you started not feeling well since early morning. Hamzah didn't show any weird sign the night before,so Ummi got surprised when you woke up earlier this morning and you started to throw up nonstop.Tak pernah ummi tengok Hamzah muntah nonstop no matter what you consume tapi thats just how you were.

Buat ummi risau fikir bukan-bukan and diagnose sendiri the possibilities that made Hamzah vomit tapi ummi suspected definitely got to do with some food you must have eaten probably recently.Cian tengok Hamzah minum susu and muntah,minum air masak and muntah,makan bubur and muntah,minum vitagen and muntah!Tengok Hamzah dalam keadaan tak bermaya nak rest tido dalam dakapan ummi je dari pagi buat ummi panik nak bersiap awal2 kot2 u have to be hospitalised.First thing we did was to go see your doctor at private clinic and after some checking she suspected Hamzah ada tersilap makan something and its normal viral infection on children.Your temperature was at borderline for fever.So you were given ubat untuk tahan muntah as well as mixture syrup for tummyache and wind. As we got back home after an hour and later Ummi nampak slowly Hamzah getting better.You can drink air masak tanpa muntah,susu sikit2 tapi muntah balik sikit and makan sup bubur tapi muntah sikit2 and tak semua macam in the morning.Tiba awal petang ke atas Hamzah dah mula bertenaga balik boleh berjalan nak active.At night time you were back to being yourself tapi nampak jugak raut muka Hamzah rasa penat after whole day tak sihat.We both rasa penat whole day kan tapi insyaAllah Ummi will be strong mentally physically for Hamzah sebab ummi your "super-ummi" :)

Ummi will need to sleep soon as well after a long day risaukan Hamzah tapi insyaAllah ummi sentiasa doakan mohon Allah SWT lindung Hamzah sentiasa dari penyakit serius and semoga cepat sembuh.Esok harap2 Hamzah progress lebih nak sihat boleh main2 macam biasa and to be on the safe side i'll get you to drink some glucose drink oralyte to replenish top up the glucose and minerals you have lost from all the vomitting.

Hug and kisses always for my little man,cepat2lah Hamzah grow up be soleh son boleh jaga Ummi baik2.Ummi love you always my son.