Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hamzah and for the love of apple....products!

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,little ustaz in the making,Hamzah :)

Ummi just want to share this little fact on you sayang. Nowdays since you're getting cleverer, you absolutely love looking at my iphone or any other smartphones/ipad such that you even think it works the same on flat screen tvs (you'll tap your tiny little fingers over and over again on the tv's screen hoping for some sort of reaction on the program).

Your usual way of approaching me when you want to play with my iphone is by persuading me to pass you the iphone (sampai tengok2 belakang ummi kot2 ummi sorokkkan) and pester ummi to click on the photos and vids app/babytv app so you can play or have a look at recorded videos of yourself. Most times ummi try to suit to your liking and layan you play but definitely during your sleeping time at night is due i've to make sure you go to bed as early as best for you.One thing ummi can never forget last night was HOW difficult it was for me to get you to sleep!!!Simply because you wanted to lawan mata ngantuk you persuade me to play with you on my iphone app.You tried ways and means to make sure ummi will switch the iphone apps so you can have a look at videos and play the games.Ummi biasa sometimes to a point pretend to sleep so you'll follow to sleep tapi seboleh-boleh last night you don't want me to sleep.Ummi baring next to you with my eyes shut and one hand over my face while you're still sitting holding my iphone.You persuaded me by sitting on my tummy,rolling about on my feet and lastly eventhough i didn't budge and still pretend to sleep you actually tried to lift up my fingers and hand from my face and put the phone in my palms!!

Hahaha by then ummi dah give in jugak gelak2 kat Hamzah and Hamzah pun gelak sama in victory sebab managed to get ummi to stop pretending to sleep and play with Hamzah instead(and that was at 10pm plus sampai ummi abandon studying my notes ok!!!).Last-last we both slept jugak eventually lepas main2 phone for a while.

Sabo je lah anak teruna ummi sorang ni,ummi sayang hamzah good boy soleh son to ummi :)

PS:A special tribute to the late Steve Jobs,you're certainly a person to be remembered for your ways of revolutionizing today's technologies for your creations has sparked the young generations of today including my 17 months old son to be smart at learning new knowledge to understand as part of his (growing up) life :)