Friday, 7 October 2011

Hamzah and fireworks

a shot of the fireworks display we saw together,
courtesy of ummi's final year project supervisor
(thanks, you did a great job coordinating the fireworks!)

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,Hamzah budak2 baik budak2 manis :)

A few nights ago campus ummi had a night function to celebrate its anniversary.Ummi at first wasn't planning to go since i hardly knew much about it. But after i found out there's going to be fireworks display ummi thought why not?!We should go and i was hoping you will enjoy the fireworks display.

So that night we went near 9pm and gathered in the open carpark area where there were stageshow,massive crowd and stalls selling food and drinks.Hamzah was in your good mood,sitting nicely in your stroller.We waited patiently a bit farther away from the massive crowd and as the countdown begins ummi got really excited.Eventhough Hamzah tak tau whats going on :)

Exactly 9pm sharp, the fireworks were shot into the pitch black sky one after another.It was a beautiful sight to ummi and I was expecting you'll react the same but unfortunately you got scared!! :) Ummi cepat2 dukung Hamzah calm you down close to my chest.Luckily you didn't cry much,maybe because you were already sleepy ready for sleep.Ummi took videos most of the time during the firework display.I'll try to upload later in this post so it's a captured memory in our mind during time spent together.

Ummi just want to share with you the moment we went through that night.Ummi realised after most times when busy juggling our life together between my studies,parenting life and beyond that ummi hardly use some quiet moments to look up at the sky and appreciate the beauty Allah SWT provides for us. On that particular night, ummi felt all at once:excitement,happy,in awe and just bliss to share viewing the fireworks display with my son,Hamzah.

Ummi love you always my son.Be a good soleh son to ummi.