Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hamzah is Three!

Salam to our readers.
It's been a while we know. Life has always been hectic between ummi working and managing routine with Hamzah growing up daily.

Exhausting? Definitely.

But it's all well & a wonderful blessing from Allah SWT as it teaches maturity and abundance of new strength for ummi & Hamzah to endure in our life spent together. Ummi may not be a perfect mother but I am doing best I can. Ummi believe with our given current situation in the past more than two word to describe it.
Alhamdulillah. We have always been under Allah SWT's care :-)

There is always alot of stories to share on Hamzah's progress. However sadly I don't always have the time(and energy) to post it here. Nevertheless,memory keepsake encourages me to write this entry to update on Hamzah's little birthday do I organized few weeks before 29 April 13. Family & few dear friends & colleagues joined us. I organized it at my favourite chalet of Cyberview Lodge & Resort Cyberjaya where we checked in for a night stay. Simple balloons for deco,lovely buttercake with buttercream frosting adorning Barney theme which is one of Hamzah's favourite dinosaur mascot & i ordered my favourite nasi lemak bungkus catered specially for the event.To top it off i complemented it with KFC fried chicken. We had fruit punch for beverage. Thank you to all who came,terlebih terkurang harap maafkan saya. It was very hectic day prep mostly on my own that day.

Let the pictures do the talking ;-)