Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Hamzah Sayang!

:) salam sayang buat anak ummi,my little baby boy is growing up fast!
On this night,exactly 2 years ago alhamdulillah ummi had safely gave birth to you,Hamzah sayang:) Ummi tak akan lupa moment i first laid my eyes on you bila Hamzah being placed straight on ummi's chest after you made your way out of ummi's womb & Dr Seri welcomed you.Terlalu cepat masa berlalu & now Hamzah dah selamat masuk umur 2 tahun.Ummi's sweet lovable little baby boy is now a handsome 2 year old toddler! Ummi feel so blessed from Allah SWT for your presence,to watch you grow each day safe & healthy under Allah's doing.
Ummi sentiasa doakan segala yg terbaik for Hamzah,my little boy.Semoga Hamzah membesar menjadi anak soleh,berakhlak baik & di penuhi kasih sayang oleh setiap insan mengenali Hamzah.Yang pasti,kasih sayang ummi ke Hamzah sepanjang hayat.Kasih sayang Allah SWT pada Hamzah & ummi juga that's everlasting:)
Today we didn't have special celebration lagi,ummi am sorry i'm busy with final exam revision.Next week its all over then we really celebrate your birthday ok sayang!Still tak nak let your special day go unnoticed,we went for short early dinner out at KFC along with a slice of birthday cake for Hamzah to enjoy :) We love you Hamzah!

Hamzah arriving at KFC

Birthday boy about to have his dinner
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