Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2012 and Hamzah

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,Hamzah :)

Ummi terasa cepatnya masa berlalu. Pejam celik pejam celik Hamzah dah makin besar now in the year 2012,taller and riuh je mulut bercakap in your own language. It never fails to make me realise betapa besarnya kuasa Allah bila witness each day as you grow. Alhamdulillah,ummi sentiasa bersyukur Allah SWT sentiasa tempatkan Hamzah and ummi di bawah penjagaan-Nya. Sememangnya hanya kasih sayang Allah SWT hakiki and kekal sepanjang hayat untuk ummi and Hamzah appreciate and return with much gratitude.
Atas sebab itu,tak pernah lepas tuturan kata-kata and doa Ummi untuk Hamzah setiap hari untuk Allah SWT makbulkan supaya Hamzah membesar dengan baik,sihat and paling penting menjadi anak yang soleh buat ummi :) InsyaAllah, ummi akan berusaha as much as I can untuk Hamzah to be well educated firstly dengan ilmu agama secondly ilmu dunia untuk persiapkan Hamzah face the world as a fine grown up muslim man one day.
Ummi berharap Allah SWT akan mempermudahkan serta berkati doa Ummi buat Hamzah, for it is every mother's wish and prayer for their offsprings to grow into fine young "god-fearing" muslims,insyaAllah.
There's always new things to keep in our journal for Hamzah's developement but ummi apologize that it is not always easy to pen down all my thoughts about raising you up Hamzah. Although Hamzah still too young to understand all of this but deep down I know you're a good observant that ummi has alot to juggle alongside with making sure you're growing up well. We are strong in our own ways and Ummi am very glad Hamzah able to cope it well with Ummi.
Here's to more good prayers for us to achieve in year 2012--

  • Perform solat on time together (with Hamzah prepare sujud few times bila dengar azan waktu masuk on channel oasis)
  • Be more happy and contented with each other's company
  • Have play times as much as we can together
  • Learn new words -- now Hamzah's favourite word is : no,no!
  • Adventurous with eating new food especially for Hamzah--healthy food that is

Ummi rasa macam tak percaya je,in less than 4 months time you'll turn 2 years old as well :') What a wonderful blessing feeling ummi dapat rasakan Allah SWT berikan peluang untuk ummi and Hamzah to experience this process of both of us growing up together. Eventhough ummi am busy juggling so much matters along with you but it never escapes my thinking from time to time to plan organize your next birthday celebration :) We'll do it together the preparation stage by stage and little by little from time to time okay?

Ummi love this shot of us :)
InsyaAllah...! We'll have a blast with Upin Ipin theme since it's your favourite :)

Asar baru masuk,Hamzah lets pray together!