Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hamzah's Outing To Ikea and Toys R Us

Hamzah being good in your buggy at IKEA

Handsome Hamzah :)

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,Hamzah budak2 baik anak soleh insyaAllah,

Ummi been wanting to update on your progress,but we've been busy as always kan sayang?Today we had a long day out,tapi now at night eventhough ummi penat but i am always happy to see you happy my son. We had a good time out today at IKEA and Toys R Us.I love looking at you when you love playing and running around at the kids section of those two stores. We got you your very own play table now from IKEA.Ummi plan to teach you to do colouring at your play table nanti since I got us washable watercolour pens from Crayola at Toys R Us .Best part of all yang Ummi soooooo happy to see you happy is when we got you your very own indoor/outdoor slides ummi bought at Toys R Us!!!Ummi dah perasan for a while now Hamzah dah bosan with all your toys.Balik umah je ummi terus assemblekan the slide while you sleep and when you woke up,macam malu-malu je dulu ummi rasa Hamzah fikir kot-kot dalam mimpi terkejut nampak slides baru depan mata. Soon enough you start climbing its stairs and terus slide away together with your boo-boo teddy bear :) Alhamdulillah.

Just short updates on you, yang ummi observe lately:

  • Appetite Hamzah: you like sup tom yam campur,pizza (pizza hut/dominos),ayam goreng McDonalds/A&W
  • Vocab:You can say "yes"
  • Counting: Hamzah suka tgk video cousin abang musadiq counting his fingers on ummi's iphone,so you tend to imitate follow as well.You will repeat to say after me when i say "One,Two,Three" you will repeat "2=to,3=ti" while counting your fingers.Sometimes Hamzah suka mengira as well bila tengok buah-buah limau kasturi kat pokok ummi tanam jaga ;)
  • Most times when ummi gi kelas,Hamzah merengek nak ikut sama tak suka being left behind and i'll sing to you.....

"I love you,you love me"
"We are one big happy family"
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you"
Please say that you love me too"

Hamzah mesti terhibur rasa tenang then before we part and ummi will say to you with a promise "Ummi gi kejap je,ummi will be back soon ok sayang!Ummi sayang Hamzah,jaga diri jangan nakal2 selamat belajar :)"

Ummi sayang Hamzah,be a good boy and soleh son to ummi.