Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hamzah Jumpa Abang Neil and lil Neil Afdhal :)

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,Hamzah budak2 baik2 anak soleh insyaAllah :)

You slept early tonight,near 8pm which is not the usual :) Ummi guess Hamzah have had a long day and little nap tengahhari tadi on the way kita attend lil Neil Afdhal's aqiqah so lepas maghrib Hamzah da mula penat ngantuk sgt. Alhamdulillah ummi glad we made it to aunty Ain and Uncle Faiz's aqiqah ceremony for their new born son inspite of ummi being busy catching up hoping to be ready for my final exam. Ummi needed a break and do something different from study routine to spend time with Hamzah. Cuma one thing ummi rasa terkilan sedih and overworry today when for the first time you had obvious bruise atas kelopak mata kiri lepas terhantuk pada meja belajar ummi when you tried climbing up the work chair :(( Ummi should have tried to keep you off the chair and table like usual tapi Hamzah memang kuat suka nak memanjat nowdays. Nasib baik ummi tak pengsan gak tgk your state,you cried but ummi managed to cepat2 calm you down and sapu minyak gamat on the bruise cut. You were your usual self however throughout the day.So ummi beleive eventhough benjol tu looks ugly on you and its a first tapi it will not lead to more serious injury insyallah.Ummi will keep looking into it ok sayang for the next few days.Hopefully it'll heal on its own and wont need further attention at the clinic.Ummi rasa sedih sgt still tgk the bruise on you.It's a normal motherly feeling,kalau boleh mmg nk protect takmo pape jadi ke atas diri anak physically. So we are both the strong ones kan cayang?InsyaAllah ummi sentiasa tuturkan,doakan Hamzah will be strong mentally and physically as  you grow.

We had good time at Neil Afdhal's aqiqah today kan?Ummi suka tgk Hamzah try your best to get comfortable with the crowd especially kids near your age.Even baby Neil Afdhal Hamzah nak tegur.Tapi abang Neil Luqman yang suka pulak ngusik Hamzah ye kejap nak share jelly kejap tak nak (Aunty Ain if you're reading this,sorry Hamzah sesekali emo plak).Kids are just being kids kan :) Hamzah had good appetite makan nasi minyak kuah korma,chocolate cake and fruits.

Overall it was a nice relaxing day for times spent together kan?Cuma ummi as usual memanglah rasa penat doing alot of driving.Takpe,now ummi your driver and when you can drive legally then insyaAllah ummi harap Hamzah will take over some of that chore ok :)

Ummi sayang Hamzah always,be a good boy and soleh son to ummi :) Hugs and kisses!