Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rosey's Love Story With Fossil Watch

first fell in love with Fossil watch few years back when my brother gave me one as a gift (souvinier) from his worktrip to Canada.I was over the moon observing my first lovely Fossil watch which came along with a pretty designed square shaped tin box.I recognized it to be standing out from the rest of brands I've come across for how it is presented in beautiful package to its deserved owner.My first Fossil watch had been a leather strapped with red hearts design on it along with gold colored clock.Young & vintage look for 'the once young Rosey' in her 20's.

Moving forward,I had even selected another Fossil wristwatch which to me was just the perfect pick as part of my aqad hantaran gift from ehem Hamzah's father (off course back then when we got married).It was metallic silver one with lovely stones that came off as if two-in-11 kind i.e bracelet & watch! I was especially drawn to have this for myself looking at the square shaped clock together with well wrapped around little stones.I remembered wearing it regularly as it was a very special watch design to me.

Rosey & her Fossil wrist watch given as hantaran gift back in 2008.

I know that for women,wrist watch is pretty much an essential accessory for the overall complete look with our outfits.It adds a certain feminine touch which obviously at same time proves to be useful in providing us time 😊

Now without a doubt,what I have in mind off course to share with you this watch brand that women should look out for is Fossil. The brand provides the latest Fossil watch designs that will definitely make women fall in love with them (like ME!)at first sight. Besides that, women can also create their own personal look with the pretty collection they have here (pretty Fossil watches )
I know there are at least 3 different styles we can pull off wearing a Fossil wristwatch.

Sophisticated Career Women Look

Simply match your wrist watch together with crisp white shirt & lovely work blazer to work!

Mademoiselle Chic Look

I would describe this more of putting on lovely floral dress with oversized hat/silk hijab & pastel color flats plus your wristwatch & matching color wristlet or small clutch & you're on your way to strut on the runway.Hey everywhere we go out there is a runway for the world to see 😊

 Casual Girl Next Door Look

I know us women do have our days when all we want to do is just put on a simple T-shirt & jeans plus sandals or sneakers & we are good to go for that quick brunch out.Fret not,be stylish all the same by adding on wearing wristwatch plus with a simple bangle & voila you bring out the fashion side in you 😉

So what are you waiting for?Interested to get a beautiful Fossil watch to add into your fashion wardrobe? Check out ZALORA’s website and purchase Fossil watch online today!I know you won't regret having one for yourself!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hello,blog!It's Been A While :)

Salam readers (anyone out there still visits here?)

Life has kept us busy.Superbusy.All the ups & downs,the funnies & the tears.Yet Rosey & Hamzah is still going strong in our own ways.

At this moment ummi is on my way to work via erl.Hamzah is safely back at pre school after over a month holiday staying aunty Murni's home with ummi to tc while she & family away in UK.

Feels good to be home.Here & in real life our home.

Though it's tiring.Alhamdulillah.Allah is still giving us the strength & abit of happinesss here & there to go on with life.

Later! Love,xoxo Rosey

Monday, 15 July 2013

It Has Been A Month For Us

Hamzah until now have not realised because you are still too small & young to understand nenek has passed away to return to Allah.You still often mention nak jumpa nenek,nak g umah nenek. All ummi can say for now to you is that nenek takde kat rumah :'(

Inshaa Allah when Hamzah grow bigger you'll learn to understand better.Even on the day nenek passed,a month ago.You were sad & restless mostly cried because you didn't understand what was going on while ummi busy helping to prepare nenek.You only observed & said "nenek tido" when she was being laid on bed at home before we head to mosque.

Ummi just thought in this special post we make a simple reminder of how nenek had been much in presence in our life & that i know she had really loved us both especially Hamzah :')
Inshaa Allah i will keep more photos of us with nenek here posted here soon.
We still miss you nenek,love you always.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hamzah has a trike!

Alhamdulillah.. Satu wishlist granted. He is one happy boy.tapi nk belajar cycle belum master lagi.bersiar petang suruh ummi tarik sama jgk trike while he is on it '__'

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hamzah & Ummi On Mother's Day 2013

Hamzah hadiahkan ummi sekuntum bunga mawar yang harum wangi & lovely Mother's Day card. Spent most of the morning till early eve at KLCC for lunch & jalan-jalan layan Hamzah tgk toys at Toys R Us & Mothercare. Hamzah's wishlist now: tricycle.
Hope to hunt one soon.

Mother's Day 2013 turned out simple but nevertheless meaningful day for ummi.Perasaan gembira menjadi ummi,walaupun under appreciated.But its a wonderful feeling all the same.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hamzah is Three!

Salam to our readers.
It's been a while we know. Life has always been hectic between ummi working and managing routine with Hamzah growing up daily.

Exhausting? Definitely.

But it's all well & a wonderful blessing from Allah SWT as it teaches maturity and abundance of new strength for ummi & Hamzah to endure in our life spent together. Ummi may not be a perfect mother but I am doing best I can. Ummi believe with our given current situation in the past more than two word to describe it.
Alhamdulillah. We have always been under Allah SWT's care :-)

There is always alot of stories to share on Hamzah's progress. However sadly I don't always have the time(and energy) to post it here. Nevertheless,memory keepsake encourages me to write this entry to update on Hamzah's little birthday do I organized few weeks before 29 April 13. Family & few dear friends & colleagues joined us. I organized it at my favourite chalet of Cyberview Lodge & Resort Cyberjaya where we checked in for a night stay. Simple balloons for deco,lovely buttercake with buttercream frosting adorning Barney theme which is one of Hamzah's favourite dinosaur mascot & i ordered my favourite nasi lemak bungkus catered specially for the event.To top it off i complemented it with KFC fried chicken. We had fruit punch for beverage. Thank you to all who came,terlebih terkurang harap maafkan saya. It was very hectic day prep mostly on my own that day.

Let the pictures do the talking ;-)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!

Salam sayang buat anak ummi Hamzah,also to all our blog readers..

It's been a long while since i last updated.Im sorry!Life has been busy for a single parent like me to juggle between work commitment and taking care managing my son Hamzah.

Alhamdulillah now its 01 January 2013. 2012 has left us with all sorts of wonderful memories,lessons to learn and most important of all the chance for me to raise up Hamzah healthy and well,praise to Allah SWT. Ummi will continue to strive better as a ummi to Hamzah,pray for Allah SWT to ease on my hardships and give me more strength to cope on my duties as ummi,daughter and sister as well as a worker :)

Lots of love,
Ummu Hamzah & Hamzah