Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hamzah on malaysia day

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,hamzah :) Alhamdulillah since in the past 2 weeks u were not well due to fever & chesty cough after few series of visit to doctor & 2 paeditricians u've shown good recovery.Although hamzah cepat sembuh demam tp coughing took longer sampai hamzah vomit everyday nk keluar kahak & include food,drink & milk.Once start bg suitable meds & inhaler br hamzah stop vomit & cough less.susu & mkn minum jd teratur balik for u.
Inspite of those weeks not feeling well,u've always shown great bubble of energy & strength to play & explore the whole day.makin nakal,makin cerdik.alhamdulillah jg hamzah adapting well at taska has shown positive signs of ur interest to play with other children & much improvent in your speech developement.Everyday i pick u up frm taska u'll smile & chuckle:)

On Malaysia Day last sunday ummi bawa Hamzah jalan2 at O' Briens & u enjoyed its potato chips very much :)

On different occasion,we went for tutti frutti yogurt icecream treat for ummi's birthday :)

Hamzah at One Utama,smiling away ummi amek pic ;)

Birthday cake ummi we share together :)

Lots of love,ummi
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