Saturday, 24 March 2012

When Hamzah's Practising How To Wear His Own Shoes

Salam sayang buat anak ummi :) It's getting near to your 23 months young and there's always new things to observe in your development which makes ummi feel very proud of you sayang.
Ummi's getting busy now as you would have noticed but I'm stealing abit of time to jot these down as simple as I can about your development for our own keepsake okay?

  • Hamzah learning more about observing the surrounding by watching your favourite kids programs on dvd like Sesame Street and Barney! Hamzah suka sgt tgk these programs,boleh ulang everyday.Ummi tahu you love Elmo especially on the Sesame Street,especially after we got you the Elmo book on potty training with the interactive sounds :) Ummi hope you'll learn alot of new exciting knowledge like other kids love from the show like how to be "green" to take care our earth, on how trucks move and sound as well as different type of vehicles we have, sing alongs on nursey songs,etc.
  • You're learning to say more simple words like "kunci-qee" and "thank you-choo".It's ok Hamzah pick up yg hujung je dulu,we'll learn more as we grow.
  • Hamzah attempt nk pakai sendiri your shoes!Eventhough tak reti lagi tapi you're always curious nak cuba pakai sendiri. Which reminds me semua kasut Hamzah from Mothercare aunty Murni Uncle Iqbal hadiahkn dah tak muat for Hamzah :( Cian anak ummi, we'll need to get you more new shoes soon after ummi done with my final year project report and poster presentation insyaAllah we'll make time to shop your things. 
  • Hamzah suka main toy cars now especially the red Ferrari rc racing car :) Laju je Hamzah tolak your favourite toy car ni (kalau Hamzah dah tahu camne nk use the remote controller racing toy car mesti lagi suka)
Ummi have to end the post here dulu. Favourite pic of Hamzah ummi amek today buat Ummi tersenyum! (Oh ni satu development baru Hamzah jugak,suka try on kasut2 Ummi even yang bertumit tinggi sikit...;)

Cian ummi's little boy,nanti kita kena beli kasut baru untuk Hamzah sendiri ok!

Ummi love you always my son, ummi bersyukur pada Allah SWT for bringing you into my life :) Ummi doakan Hamzah menjadi anak yang soleh pada ummi insyaAllah,ameen.