Monday, 19 September 2011

A year older with Hamzah :)

Ummi's homemade red velvet cake for my birthday :) Ummi so happy masa suapkan Hamzah this cake and you tell me "dap,dap..." (sedap!) You've always liked the cakes and pastries Ummi bake for you

Ummi and Hamzah celebrating Ummi's birthday

Salam sayang buat anak ummi,Hamzah :)

At the time ummi write this post,I'm looking at you riding your scooter so confidently.Smiling away all cheeky :) We've had a long day and ummi feel tired but i'll still write a bit so we can keep this story part of our memory keepsake.

Alhamdulillah,as of yesterday 18 september 2011 Ummi turned 1 year older. I am one year older as ummi to Hamzah(the second year celebrating my birthday as a ummi),with hope Allah SWT will continue to bless Ummi with everlasting strength, growing wisdom and amplified maturity to hold this responsibility towards you my son (ameen).

We've had a great time on ummi's birthday kan Hamzah? :) Ummi was even more happy tengok Hamzah all excited to spend the times with Ummi on my birthday.Lets hope we'll share lots more of our birthdays together in many more years to come insyaAllah.Hugs and kisses to my sweet little boy,imam muda in the making...Ustaz Hamzah!Ummi love you always,my son :)