Monday, 11 June 2012

Hamzah & 2nd birthday

Salam sayang buat anak ummi yg soleh,Hamzah :) More than a month have passed after you turned 2 and ummi seldom update your progress in between.Bukan ummi xperasan whats happening to you tapi xsempat nak properly pen down my thoughts & observation.Ummi jarang ada mood sesuai to write here in between my busy days tapi i'll still try when i can.

2nd birthday party Hamzah ummi organized as soon as my final semester exam over.It turned out quite well as planned alhamdulillah with many thanks for those who helped with energy,time & financial contribution to chip in.Rezeki Hamzah sentiasa ada insyaAllah.

Unlike your first birthday party,this party comes with a theme and its after your favourite Sesame Steeet monster,"Elmo".Ummi hoped Hamzah had fun time during your birthday event eventhough at times you looked rimas sebab ramai guest datang invading your comfort space@tv hall ;) Thank you to all who showed up with birthday presents for Hamzah.

Some photos taken for your birthday event:

Hamzah suka main ikea drapes bought for you since you were a baby

Hamzah & your gift toys from your first birthday party

Hamzah about to dash off while ummi nak amek your pic posing with your birthday gifts

Last but not least,ummi's favourite pic.Just the two of us,ummi & my little hero *geram*

You're the best achievement in my life,ummi doakan Hamzah utk Allah SWT kurniakan segala yg baik utk Hamzah serta membesar menjadi anak soleh,insan lelaki yg baik berguna utk agama,bangsa & negara dgn jalan yg di redhai olehNya,ameen.Ummi sayang Hamzah sehingga akhirat insyaAllah.

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