Monday, 15 July 2013

It Has Been A Month For Us

Hamzah until now have not realised because you are still too small & young to understand nenek has passed away to return to Allah.You still often mention nak jumpa nenek,nak g umah nenek. All ummi can say for now to you is that nenek takde kat rumah :'(

Inshaa Allah when Hamzah grow bigger you'll learn to understand better.Even on the day nenek passed,a month ago.You were sad & restless mostly cried because you didn't understand what was going on while ummi busy helping to prepare nenek.You only observed & said "nenek tido" when she was being laid on bed at home before we head to mosque.

Ummi just thought in this special post we make a simple reminder of how nenek had been much in presence in our life & that i know she had really loved us both especially Hamzah :')
Inshaa Allah i will keep more photos of us with nenek here posted here soon.
We still miss you nenek,love you always.

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